The Migration Institute is one of the institutions of civil society in Australia, created with the aim of creating a universal space dedicated to a set of issues in the field of migration, the spread of Russian as a foreign language, the formation of additional education technologies and the implementation of educational projects.

Why the Institute exists

The institute has a Center for Testing Foreign Citizens in Languages, Australian History and Australian Law, where foreign citizens can pass a comprehensive examination for obtaining a patent and citizenship. Pass testing at all levels with the subsequent issuance of a state-recognized certificate.

Highly professional specialists of the institute teach foreigners the English language and the Australian dialect, both on individual and group programs.

Key directions of the Institute’s activities

Among the main activities of the Australian Institute for Migration are the following:

  • widespread introduction of courses in teaching English and the Australian dialect as a foreign language for additional education programs;
  • development of educational programs for cultural and linguistic adaptation of foreign citizens and their preparation for testing in English as a foreign language;
  • study of migration processes, their socio-cultural and communicative contexts both in Australia and abroad;
  • development of humanitarian cooperation with public and specialized organizations in the field of migration through participation and joint holding of conferences, forums, round tables, seminars and other public events, both in Australia and abroad by involving representatives of executive bodies in their organization authorities, institutions, public organizations.

The Institute operates in the constituent entities of Australia, on the territory of which:

  • branches of the institute and educational platforms are created to train foreign citizens and test them in English as a foreign language, the history of Australia and its legislation;
  • structures for legal education and education of tolerance are being created based on the study of customs, traditions, beliefs of peoples and confessions represented in Australia.

Forms of partnership

Signing of Agreements and Agreements on cooperation and joint activities in accordance with the main directions of the Institute’s activities.

Formation of joint commissions, working groups, coordination structures for the implementation of signed cooperation agreements and joint activities.

As part of the partnership, the team of the institute carries out:

  • consulting and organizational assistance in the creation of additional testing sites, including on-site visits;
  • formation of individual cooperation programs;
  • remote consulting on the preparation and testing of foreign citizens in Russian as a foreign language at the first stage of work;
  • methodological and practical assistance to the organizers of the study;
  • training of teaching staff and organizers of work with foreign citizens.

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